Essential Safety and Rescue Equipment for Coastal Journeys
Introduction Sea kayaking and coastal stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) offer exciting opportunities to explore our beautiful coastal landsc...
Axis foils
An introduction to Axis foils.
Chilly Swimming - Make the most of your Winter dips.
As winter creeps in, for many folks, the draw of open water swimming doesn't wane; it intensifies. For those seeking a refreshing challenge, Llyn ...
Anglesey Circumnavigation 2016 (Trip Report)
September is a bit of a sentimental month for me. One big reason is that this Month back in 2015 was the when Myself and Steve Miles finished our ...
Wetsuit Buoyancy and Its Impact on Swimming Technique
Swimming is a physically demanding activity that requires a delicate balance between technique, strength, and efficiency. Over the years, advancem...
Coastal Navigation Series (Part 1) - A Beginners Guide to Understanding Tides

New to the sport of Sea Kayaking or SUP? Have a ready of this informative blog post to help start off your paddling journey on the right foot.

We will cover all the basics needed to understand how tides work.

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